Monday, October 27, 2008

Be back soon


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

8 more days...

Yes!!! 8 more days to go and I will be on leave for holiday!!! Not oversea though, just West Malaysia. Malaysian Government encouraged public to explore more cultures and places in Malaysia, but the expenses still not cheap for everyone's affordable level. I only barely 'travel' few places this time, just save whatever I can.
Yeah yeah! I am going to cuti cuti Malaysia next week for 10 days!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Give Away of Free Handbag!

Handbag Planet is giving away a free handbag every hour for 24 hours to celebrate the October 15, 2008 of their web site launch.

The sign-up steps are just that simple. After signing-up the simple form, you can select the handbag you would like to win. It's absolutely free with no shipping neither handling fees nor credit card required. Yes, it's really that simple!

Hey fella out there! Wanna win a free handbag? Do drop by handbagplanet or my link to get your trendy and high fashion handbag! Be quick! The time is limited!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Blue Blue Monday Mood

My Monday mood swing up and down through the day. Duty was not that heavy or busy at work but just a lot of thinking. Thinking of the relaxed and enjoyed moment that just passed over the weekend and the problems might come next, later, tomorrow, and the day after...
Photo taken from
People said your mood can be cheer by a glass of beer. Is it true?


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Oldies Time

Dad said, Mom looks pretty when he first meet her and Mom said Dad looks handsome when they first met. And there are the prove...
From that, they were in love and married. Taking care of the family until now. But how come Dad and Mom look alike? Well, I just try to figure out who I look alike the most, mom or dad?

Upload your photo at, and see how you look like during oldies time. Have fun!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Her creactivity ......

I just found out her creativity with handcraft talent. Simple but creative! She is a friend of mine, spending most of her time with all the handmade greeting cards, bookmarks, and other decoration too. Putting her efforts to make people feel warm and happy on the special occasions that they celebrate.
*Handmade Greeting Cards*
*Handmade Bookmarks*
*Handmade Wooden Peg*
*Decoration on other material ~ Cup*
If you are interested, please contact her for a special order handmade for your special one. The cost is reasonable base on materials that using. Of course, you can input your ideas by letting her know your needs and purpose for the order.

Get a special handmade for your special one on the coming occasions like Christmas , Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, Birthday...

Email contact:

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Gloria's Surprise Birthday Party

A surprise birthday party was organized by the sister, Olivia for her lovely sister Gloria last night at Olivia's place. Gloria is leaving to KL the next morning so the last minute small surprise birthday was arranged before she left. Her birthday was actually on the following week though.
So we decided to 'dabao' (take away order) the foods.
*Kompia from EXPERT @ RH area*BBQ Chicken wings from Jalan Song
*Fried Noodles
*Sweet and Sour Fish
*Pork Rib
*and the eggs for a must
*the scene on the table
and of course the longevity noodle ('so mian')
*the birthday cake from Tom's Cafe
Napoleon Cake flavour
*the birthday girl and the PR (Public Relation) little girl
*the group photo
I hope you enjoy the party and Happy Birthday Gloria.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Sharon's Bday Celebration @ Bombastic Cafe

Last night was out for a friend ~ Sharon's birthday celebration at Bombastic Cafe near Jalan Padungan which actually fall on the next day, but we celebrate her birthday a day before. We reach there about 6:30 pm and start ordering since all invited person was there on time. It was empty when we came but was packed after a while, then return to empty again after the certain peak hours and we still there chit-chatting. It was a fun night out, with 2 stars western foods rate. Yeah...I rate their foods into my 2 stars taste group due to the certain disappointment, not the service though, it just the foods but it wasn't that bad also. *Confuse?* Go for a try then :-)
*Bombastic Cafe
*the entrance
*the menu
We ordered a pot of Lemon tea to share which actually the mixture of lemon slices and Lipton brand tea bag. I like it...nice to drink with the individual meat consumption of the meal.
*the small little cute cup for the tea
*the interior
*first dish which ordered by Sharon
Cheesy Chicken Rice
for me, it just like pizza bun :-(
*Melissa go for mix grill
the taste was ok except the fish fillet
*Beef Cheese Nachos
Erm...Of course it can't be compare with what I had at States
*Kelly go for mushroom grill chicken
the taste was not that bad though
*and the last but not least,
my sister go for grill chicken, I like this the most
with the mixture of black pepper sauce,
a thumbs-up!
but not the salad, the salad was a bit hard and tasteless
Do you realize that I don't order for myself, I shared. I was half full anyway.
*there you go...the cake ~ Cocoa Cheese Cake
We have a deal...not singing the birthday song. Haha...we are getting old, not like youngster nowadays, we don't like to get attention especially at crowd. Eh-hem...low profile person mah! So only make a wish and blow the candle...simple as person.
*Happy Birthday Sharon
*the cake
The cake taste good, even though it's only the imitation of cheese cake, won't be so guilty with the slice intake. Yeap, that's for the night, no clubbing, no party, no drinking, no rcar acing. no...ooops! We are too old for that, so let's go home.

Address: No.244, bangunan Teck Guan, Jalan Padungan, 93100 Kuching.
(Same row as RHB Bank which next to "After Three").

Business Hours: 6.00pm ~ 11.00 pm

p/s: the name of the dishes might not correct but that's the taste :-)