Thursday, June 18, 2009

"No Manners!!!"

During the Grand Opening Ceremony at the Four Points Hotel yesterday, a lady who seat at the front row before us pissed me off! I don't care who you are and who are around you might know me but I need to clarify with you here.

First of are not quiet enough to respect the function as well, and you don't have the right to judged us and said us no manners! That's the point which really scratch my brain off! Secondly, how do you know we are making troubles? Do you know that we are working as well? Taking photograph of the scene for the function is the assigned job by the management! You said we are not respecting the function, do you know who we are working for???!!! I have patient to hold my fire, or else...I will drag you out from the ball room to pay off the trouble that you had created!

The whole row behind you were assigned for special job by the management and you know nothing about that, and yet...please watch out your mouth. Troubles and problems can be solve better than how you handled, such an unprofessional senior to teach junior!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tomato Fish Soup

Craving for the Tomato Fish Soup @ Top 10, Jalan Song on Sunday morning and there we went.
Tomato Fish Soup with Tan Hoon
Tomato Fish Soup with Kolo Mee
The specialty of the soup:-
  1. Bring your appettie (because the tomato and sour plum contain in the soup)
  2. It's all fish!!! So it's healthy
  3. The chili sauce is special
  4. The fish ball and fish cake are so springy!!!
  5. The fish skin
You got to try!!! RM5.50 per bowl for the smallest size but it's enough and worth!

Nice kolo mee stall as well.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jelly Massage???

What sort of "jelly massage" is this? massage while you eat jelly??? Four stars? How?

5th Star Movie Carnival 2009 Tickets Giveaway

I got this email surprisingly couple days ago and I was so happy, this is my first gift since I join Kuching Blogger. Yeay! I got two free tickets of 5th Star Movie Carnival 2009!
The email
I went to Star Cineplex to claim for it. Thanks KB for the gift and the recommender!
It sort of motivation to blog more. Hey folks! Join KB now to get your too.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Beef Noodles @ Jalan Song

Saw this newly opened beef noodles outlet in the newspaper which located at Jalan Song, behind Starbucks or opposite to SCR Express building.

What attracted me from the newspaper advertise was the price...

My another food hunter companion and I went in on Saturday morning which was public holiday as well to check this new opened food outlet. When we walked closed to the outlet, I told myself that I might make a wrong move to the outlet, because I saw less people dine there but my food hunter companion told to tried it up since we were there. We stepped in and order two bean and chinese tea, the chinese tea cost RM0.80 only. The soy bean taste good, not too sweet though and the chinese tea is thick enough for me.
Soy Bean & Chinese Tea
And we ordered the beef noodles that advertised as on the banner outside the outlet...
here comes the beef noodles
The portion not that big but it's enough for my breakfast.
Don't miss this two special sauce...
Surprisingly, the taste had impressed me! Out of my expectation! It's like the long lost taste that I had been looking for many years.

The interior deco...
Outside scene of the outlet...
The banner that attracted me...
It cost only RM3.30 per bowl of beef noodles + soup. The beef slices was worth enough for the price. Total spent for two...not more than RM10!!! The price only available from 8am - 11am everyday. No harm to try folks! Its worth!