Thursday, April 30, 2009

Instant Beef Noodle Review

Kinda late update for my lunch today. Am having instant beef noodle for lunch due to certain inconvenience moment which I can't grab my normal lunch. So I decided to have this...
When I opened it...
Three packs favours to add in
Quite a big portion
Too much MSG, oily :-(

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Should or shouldn't

I'm frustrated. I'm frustrated about my life for living, career, with people surround, noise, problems... How do I get rid of 'em? Should I just throw 'em away one go or start to worry one by one then solve it one by one? Or I should do it whole lump sum...lost memory?

Now you see why I'm frustrated.
I wish I can be more smart to plan, more energetic than now, more cheerful than now. But when I'm really got time to think about it, I can't think of any thing. No, actually, I planned and thought about lots of things, but the outcome solution just can't be a good idea for me still, I keep telling myself that there's still a better way to handle it. I felt that I am wasting my time sometimes, on thinking, working, playing... I got more frustrate after thinking all about this.

I wish my brain can think well, something simple, really simple. I know simple is good, but I mean, r e a l l y simple. I can't manage my life well, use the time well, improve my financial problem. I wish I can live happily like what really mean by happy, freedom!

I'm too easy to be affected by small tiny little things, perhaps.

My massage treatment sifu told me to do some exercise. I guess he's right. I had tied up all my nerve in my body, my system go down hill, and obviously my brain won't work well.

I'm frustrated and anxious, I need something need something like exercise.

Can I scream out loud?
Where is my freedom?!!! Where is my capability?!!! Why I should do that?!!! Why I can't do this?!!! Who are you?!!! WHERE AM I?!!!

Why don't you tell me something I don't know. Anything.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

LinkWithin for blogger

Found a new widget recently...LinkWithin.

LinkWithin is a widget that links to related stories from your archive under each story on your blog. After installing, it will show three photos right after the post, it can link to the previous blog with just a click. This widget doesn't need to register, it can be done with just type in your email address and blog address.

It's fun...have a try!

Surf More And Earn More

Here comes another web site which you can surf and earn, it's unlike other online money making web site which make you sick for wasting time and just get a very minimal return. Now, EasyHits4U is the one to choose where you are paid to surf.

To make it easier for you, please follow the step after you register as a member. Link to the web site for registration...
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Do as many as you like in a day and the earnings are up to you to determine. :-) You can check your earning by clicking to your account page and check your account statistics report as showing below.

What you say? Try you own...EasyHits4U StartPage URL

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Give me...

Give me...I am broke!

Friday, April 24, 2009

To the way...

Went to SIRIM for company matter yesterday, realize that "Standard" is very powerful nowadays even their Guard House...LOL. A must to fill in a visitor form every time, wonder if everyday???
Then on the way...
To...Kampung Bako, a fish village. The really fresh fish!!! Love the village scene but just too far too go and I might lose...
At the end with didn't get anything from the village due to next mission to be complish but bring back the great smell...natural of fishy smell! Hahaha!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Peng You Cafe

This is second time to dine at "Peng You Cafe" since last two months. Again, bring the whole group over for 'wild taste" this time since the wild being abundant too long in the cold. Nothing too special this time but the ordinary make perfect!

Still we ordered the famous and popular dish...the crispy prawn sauce fried chicken, this time come with special belacan sambal sauce to go with it and what should I say, it just so perfect!
Crispy Prawn Sauce Fried Chicken
The belacan sambal sauce that go with the fried chicken
Bi din with red wine
Brother Mike went back to hometown during school holiday break last month and this is what he fished, 10kg of Big Head Prawn.
Self catch "big head prawn"
Yooh! Licking good!
Guess what's the next dish? It's deer skin, wild pig skin, ear, tongue and...can't really remember what else but it contained all "wild", cooked with dry chili! Man...the skin taste like sea cucumber, it's just so soft and melt in the mouth, the meat so tender!
This is not ordinary chicken cook with dark soy sauce, its squirrel wild pig meat and tails! Some of the meat are so hard while some of them so soft.'s wild.
Mix vege...not too good if compare with last ordered.
Finally, the best dish! Guess's big iguana! It's helpful for skin accordingly. The soup taste so sweet and the aroma smell so good when good with red wine. The meat taste like chicken, and it's soft.
Those foods are more than enough for feed 10 person that night. It cost RM115 for the total including drinks. They provide 3 dishes which were crispy fried chicken, two types of vegies, other than that we provided our own. On the other hand, the drink charge quite high though, but it's reasonable.

Reservation are required to dine in here because we were there around 6pm and it's full house.

Home Made "Pao"

Mom came during last weekend and she made pao with my brother at home. It looks ugly but it taste good though. Four types of flavor they made which includes plain, peanut, peanut butter and butter.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


The famous Chinese Burger (Kompia) with cheese where local who live in Kuching are talking about can be found at Song Kheng Hai Hawker Center, Kuching. I had been reading from blogs and hearing lots of people talking about this Kompia so long ago, finally tried it on last Saturday while I was in the mood. I never been there and surprisingly found that there's a lot of people were having afternoon snacks there. First time been there were a bit blur for looking up the particular stall which can serve us the Chinese Burger / Kompia with cheese, we go all round the building, searching high and low and finally we found RIHGA!!! It's at the back side of the building, the stall is facing the ruby field.
Sorry for my lousy photo, I am not so comfortable taking pictures in the public, not to say bringing camera along, so I took the pictures secretly using my hp only. Bloggers in the air! I salute you for daring taking pictures publicly!

Finally here comes the kompia / Chinese burger with cheese. It's RM0.70 per piece, and it still hot!The taste was good. Good mixture taste of it which are the salty taste of cheese plus the crispy tasteless hot kompia. Yummy! But the Kompia itself a bit disappointed, unlike the Sibu or Bintangor Kompia, which is more "stuffy". The Kompia that they were using are more "slim" and can't feel the softness of the inner kompia.Overall, it taste nice, rating 6/10.

Am wonder how does it taste if using American yellow cheese rather than the cheese that they use. Hmmmp...where to get the American yellow cheese in Kuching? Anyone any clue?