Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Surf More And Earn More

Here comes another web site which you can surf and earn, it's unlike other online money making web site which make you sick for wasting time and just get a very minimal return. Now, EasyHits4U is the one to choose where you are paid to surf.

To make it easier for you, please follow the step after you register as a member. Link to the web site for registration...
Step 1: Choose Surf 2:1
Step 2: The money making in on the grey box on the top left corner. You need to choose the correct answer next to the grey box as show in the box
Step 3: Click on the correct word as appear in the grey box and then it will proceed to the next guess. It will repeat but you need to wait for 15 seconds(or sometimes 30 seconds).
Do as many as you like in a day and the earnings are up to you to determine. :-) You can check your earning by clicking to your account page and check your account statistics report as showing below.

What you say? Try you own...EasyHits4U StartPage URL

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Kenny Ngu said...

all right. this is cool