Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya

Tomorrow will be Raya for Muslim Friends. Wishing all Muslim friends Happy Hari Raya Aidilfitri.


Japanese Junk Foods

My cousin brought me some famous Japanese junk foods from KL during her visiting. According to her, it was Japanese Fair somewhere at KL.
Don't ask me the name of the foods because I don't know how to read Japanese character.
*little crap. Hahaha...oh crap!
*Some sort like biscuit
*Japanese cookies wrap by seaweed wrap
*Japanese chips?
*Expired in Year 2009
Foods!!! I love foods so heavenly! But not really junk foods though.

Carl's Jr. Hamburger

I just know that Carl's Jr.(R) has enter the Malaysia market in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! Yeppee!!! My cousin came back from KL on last Sunday night and she brought me two big hamburger from Carl's Jr. and I was so surprise to see it in Malaysia. It's not in Sarawak yet though...She told me that she bought me two big 'pao' from KL and I was like...duh...we have big 'pao' too in Kuching Sarawak too but then when she hang over to me, I jump high!
and I found this!
Carls Jr is like Hardees. Thick juicy charboiled angus steak burger. really delicious beats Burger King and McD for the price you pay value meal (same as McD/BK) just get hardees/carl jr. or better yet just get your own meat and grill, same flavor test because of the charcoal. The experince for having it can't possibly compare Carls Jr to McD or BurgerKing. It's a totally different experience all together, but if you compare in the sense of quality, of course Carls Jr would be top. Eating Carls Jr is really something which is worth your money.
This amazing American burger were made with fresh, quality ingredients I must say, they are delicious! The meat was lean and juicy, not overcook and tough. Love it very much! My cousin told me that the price are damn expensive...it cost about RM20 each. But it’s really worth it cause the burgers are so juicy and so rich in flavour. My cousin bought me two burgers but I don't know the flavour but one of it called mushroom beef if I am correct.
*Mushroom Beef
*Look at it...oh my! The tender and juicy...
*See! I don't lie!
The burgers are huge! Bigger than the whopper at Burger King. They are not stingy with the stuffings. We’ll give it a year and see if it will shrink like Burger Kings?
*Correct me if I am wrong
this is Western Bacon Beef Burger
The Western Bacon Cheeseburger - This came with a piece of chicken bacon, onion ring, meat patty, melted cheese and lots of barbecue sauce for flavour. This was not bad and quite tasty with the sweetish and smoky barbecue sauce although there's not much taste to the chicken bacon.
*Look at the stuffing...
I love Carls' Junior... Charboiled Burger ROCKS!!! It's nice and Juicy, not dry and tasteless like our McDs these days...
I have a sweet dream last night! Cheers and thanks to my cousin for the Carl's Jr (fourth largest burger chain in US) that she bought from KL and brought it all the way to Kuching. I microwave it before I have it due to long journey and overnight.

When will Carl's Jr. enter to Sarawak?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Kampua vs Kolo

乾槃面 vs 乾撈面

Local from Sarawak will not miss this cheap, simple, plain, tasty & flavourful noodle! But what's the different? Can we tell the Kolo Mee stall Tauke that we want a plate of Kampua Mee or a bowl of Kolo Mee from a Kampua Mee Tauke?

I questioned myself silently deep in my heart every time when I order Kampua Mee or KoloMee, "why people call it in different way?" So I decided to come out with a test between Kampua and Kolo Mee. I take a closer look and taste it genuinely on the Kolo Mee on last Saturday night and Kampua Mee on the next Sunday morning to avoid the mixture taste after all.

Like usual, I ordered a bowl of Kolo Kueh Teow (It's depends on your favoured noodles that you preferred personally and the ingredients can goes well with all type of noodles though).
Kolo Mee is more watery and normally it come out with bowl. So we call it as a bowl of Kolo Mee instead of a plate of Kolo Mee due to its wet level. It doesn't taste good if it is too dry too or too watery. It can goes well with several types of noodles like handmade or machine made kolo mee, with round or flat or curly type, also kueh teow, and bee hoon, that's are normal use noodles by the kolo mee hawkers. Add with 'CharSaw' sauce if you prefer to but certain people will just go without it because it might taste too oily. The topping can ask for CharSaw meat or minced meat or seafood, just order for what you prefer and the price will be add on for the extra request. There are so much different way to order it, make sure you are with a local while you order or else it might dissapoint you ON SPOT!
*the flat type of kolo mee
with charsaw meat and minced meat on top

and CharSaw Sauce
*handmade wantan kolo mee
with CharSaw Sauce
p.s: wantan come with minced pork meat wrap by wrapper of flour
*kolo mee without CharSaw Sauce
*kolo mee with CharSaw Sauce

Kampua Mee is a very special Foochow Delicacy, Foochow origin before transforming into other Sarawak Kolo Mee flavouring by Hakka or Teochew. It's unlike Kolo Mee, with or without CharSaw Sauce, its with or without soya sauce and its more simple. No seafood topping or other fancy decoration. It's only with CharSaw slices pork meat or wantan only. It is more dry than kolo mee and it taste better if it's dry.
*Plain Kampua Mee
*Kampua Mee with Soya Sauce
My favourite:
wantan kampua mee without spring onion

Obviously, it taste different, with the unique wet or dry level too. But kolo and kampua are having the similarity that they are NON-HALAL which mean not serve to Muslim because most of the ingredients are made from pork.

I am not keen to have both type of kampua or kolo mee, it depends on my preferred stall but I will always go for wantan, minced meat with charsaw sauce for kolo mee and spicy, soya sauce, wantan for kampua mee but please please please...NO ONION! I hate those hawkers who always act smart! Long name for the order huh? That's why I advice you order with a local...:-)

A bowl of Kolo Mee or a plate of Kampua Mee anyone?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What's next?

And there you go...today I am having diarrhea. Yewww...
What's next?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What is wrong?

What's wrong with my health recently? I felt so unhealthy lately. After having a bad flu...the gastric come and attack, especially last night. I couldn't have a nice rest because the pain keep waking me up. Yes...I do take medicine but still the pain keep bothering me.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sick Mode

I am having flu, sore throat, fever... for few days already and I am still on sick mode until today. Anyway, I still report duty on work.
Medicine that had taken was already immune with my sick body so it doesn't really help much.
No activity is plan for the weekend. Sigh...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I am sick again today after one day enjoyment with my very close buddy from States yesterday. I am frustrated with my health lately. I can't take my favorite foods like early day and need to go on with some medication to felt comfortable. I am really frustrated!I intake my daily meals with more healthy concept, but it still doesn't help much though. But I did lose weight.

Flu...running nose, headache, body ache, eyes swollen, felt heaty...I think I might take a sick leave and have a better rest at home, but I just on 1 day annual leave yesterday. Maybe what people said is right..."you won't feel unwell if you are enjoy happy life but you felt ill if you are going to run away from pressure and stress".

I am just UNWELL today,
am not run away from problems.

What means by blogging?
Tell me what you think...

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Found an interesting web for photo editing. The web site can actually detect your face by using Face Detection technique and combine it with the photo that they had on web, so you can become superman, santa, celebrity and etc in the photo.

Check this out Photofunia! It's fun...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Mooncake Festival

Today (13th September 2008) not a public holiday and it suppose to be a day of public holiday in sarawak. It will be changed to 25th October in the honour of birthday of the Yang Dipertua Negeri Tun Datuk Patinggi Abang Muhammad Salahuddin Abang Barieng. It’s postponed because of the fasting month for the Muslim. Can shift birthday date some more...*speechless. Whoever had planned early for their schedule, you got no other choice and you just have to go ahead with it. Saturday morning...just report duty as usual Saturday.

Went to Carpenters Street last Thursday night for annual mid-Autumn festival. Kuching Carpenters street, is the place for annual mid-Autumn festival celebration, with the setting up of many stalls, selling food and decorative items for the occasion. This year's are just like any other year, the street are installed with entertainment, foods and fun stall, for selling foods and varieties mooncakes but the celebration period just a bit short. Thought of the weather should be good on that night after few nights welcomed by the rain earlier on, but still the rain pouring down at the end were adding to the spirit of festive mood. Due to the wet weather during this season, getting less people join the joyous for celebrating this mid-autumn festival. Public might get worry with their family's health condition especially with this wet season. Anyway, hope the weather will turn good tonight and hopefully more people can get chance to enjoy this meaningful festival.
*Carpenter Street*
*The Street**The Temple*
*The famous foods area along the street,
operate throughout the year*
*CheongSam wear*
*Talent girl with the 'GuZhen'*
*Traditional Music*
*Fried bird anyone?*
*Tai Chi*
*RM 1 Hair Cut by Monica Saloon*
*Lion Dance*
*Varieties of MoonCake selection*
*Emperor Dragon Whisker Sweet*
*Small Bun (Stem)*
*Small Bun (Fry)*
*Non-Halal food stall*
It just so much to explore as you see here. Due to raining, that's all the photo that had taken on the night. By the way, please do drop by before the Moon Cake Festival which is fall on Sunday (14th September 2008).