Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I am sick again today after one day enjoyment with my very close buddy from States yesterday. I am frustrated with my health lately. I can't take my favorite foods like early day and need to go on with some medication to felt comfortable. I am really frustrated!I intake my daily meals with more healthy concept, but it still doesn't help much though. But I did lose weight.

Flu...running nose, headache, body ache, eyes swollen, felt heaty...I think I might take a sick leave and have a better rest at home, but I just on 1 day annual leave yesterday. Maybe what people said is right..."you won't feel unwell if you are enjoy happy life but you felt ill if you are going to run away from pressure and stress".

I am just UNWELL today,
am not run away from problems.

What means by blogging?
Tell me what you think...

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