Wednesday, September 10, 2008

University life @ United States

Time flies fast, it has been almost four years since I end my university life and left States on 2005. Students always said the life is sucks when they are study but not I would say working life is sucks a big time! When I flash back my Uni life, I did refresh some of the great memories about the schooling, exams, friends, church, activities, foods and many many more. I told myself that I am not going back there once I finish my degree when I was still a student because I don't felt that I am smart enough to study but when I dig through my memories deep in my head, how could I tell that I just miss my Uni life...I am just that lucky though.

I remember it was the September 11 attacks (often referred to as 9/11) the World Trade Center by terrorists on September 11, 2001, few months before my schedule to United States. I thought my dream to go oversea study would be broken because I was on the process to prepared all the need documents to achieved my dream especially my student visa due to restriction on entering the country, but I make it. I think CesCes was having the same feeling as mine because we were applying our student visa at the same time.
GOD always be good to me and HE help me go through it and I enter USA successfully on 9th January 2002. I thought I was dreaming even I was about to land at LAX (International Airport Los Angeles), I just can't imagine I will step on the land that I watch from TV. I remember that I was late to report myself to school due to air ticket problem. lucky I am! My dad bought me the first class of business class seat for me.

Then I start my journey as an university student here at Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, Kansas.
I managed to dig out some university campus photos after so many years I buried them.
*the campus*
*Administration Buiding*
*Classroom Building*
*Student Center*
*Uni Lake view*
*The Chapel*
*Road Side*
*On Campus*
*International Student Office*
*GORILLAS represent PSU*
It was really a tough path for me through that period. I also got a part time job (legal one work permit that I renew every year) in the dining hall on campus to support some of my daily needed expenses but I really learn a lot of things through the pressure, people surround and environment. The sour, sweet, bitter, and spicy that I taste through the three years that I spent over there really worth it.
*One of the statue in the campus*
*Another Statue*
*Oh...I really miss the winter time*
*The President of Pittsburg, Kansas*
*My favourite Lecturer, Mr. Hashman (right)*
He is a very fun man, he likes to share his experiences and thought
He teach Sunday school also
*My Business Law Lecturer*
She is fun too but very stressful in her class
You know...BUSINESS LAW...Duh!
*My Turkish friend (middle)
Miss 4.0, a genius!
There was my life for three years...Pittsburg, Kansas. A country side town but full with fun and memories. I hope I can come back one day for visiting but nobody that I know are staying there anymore. It just a place for us to come and go very quickly. Student...will grow too.
Let's dig out some more memories...


ah ces said...

Wow what a great but at the same time, heavy post
As I was scrolling down the photos, I was asking myself "Where is the gorilla?" and here it comes hahaha
People said we wouldn't be able to make it, I remember in AUP office, everybody was talking about the 9/11 attack, the first thing I stepped into they said to me was: "I don't think you can go to USA anymore!"
But yes, we made it.
And I'm glad we had chosen USA.
Great memories, I wouldn't forget the days I visited you in Pittsburg.

ting said...

Hahaha...the Gorilla! I wonder why they use animal to represent the Uni, and am now a anak Gorilla! Haha...!

ting said...

Oh yeah, I managed to enter Inti Sarawak the other day and it change a lot. Less familiar faces that I knew but the funny thing is the cleaner (kakak) recognize me!!! And I think they are senior of some position now...hahaha! Life is changing.