Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mom's Home Cook Dinner

I should say I just so lucky because my mom always cooked nice dishes to make me felt not slim enough to present myself in public. Just kidding...

My mom is a very traditional woman in term of thinking, acting and even cooking style. She always encourage us not to eat out there but homecook only which is more than true enough to prove that the outside food are more harmful than home cook. That is why she work so hard to make better foods for keeping her children out of those harmful foods.

Like usual, she cooked all the delicious and healthy foods for us everytimes when she comes to Kuching. (p/s: My parents doens't live with us that often due to our carreer needed, so they will just visit us sometimes) Last Saturday night, she cooked several dishes for us again because she is going back to our old house in Bintangor on the next day.

*wok is always busy and needed in the kitchen
*the outcome
*cashew nut with chicken breast meat and vegies
*my favourite taufu soup
*Ha! I bet not all of you out there taste this!
A simple cooking style of yam, this yam are plant by my mom.
*Foochow people famous dish!
"Dim Bien Hu"
Rock Mom!

So, try to eat healthy and live healthy. Parents are always nice to their kids. Don't take too much harmful foods from out there.

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