Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day trip to the beach

Holiday is what we are waiting for, no matter you are students or working dude, other than money, holiday is the events that we are looking forward. Our Malaysia Independence Day this year was fall on Sunday so the following Monday was declared as Public Holiday too. To avoid traffic stuck on 31st August, I decided to do my housework and relaxed like nobody at home. Have a too comfortable and quiet time at home, felt boring too.

Luckily, it was not too hot on the 1st September, so decided to drive to the beach to have a walk. Went to Santubong Resort at the beginning but there was too packed. Some church function was carried on at the resort I guess. Then, we make a decision to proceed to another beach which is Damai Beach, just a few minutes away down from Santubong Resort. I can't remember when is my last time step in to Damai Beach, imagine how long I didn't enjoy the natural air here.
This place is awesome if compare to last time. Maybe they had renovated the place since last time. I love to smell of the salted sea water and the fresh air from the beach, its cooling and fresh. Not like the air from town area that we inhale everyday, I will consider to work here if there is available though...I am serious.
*View from beach
*Nice place for family to have fun too
*jogging :-)
* drawing (Remind me when I was at the Long Beach, California)
*I found my smile here
*Dump all your worries and unhappy into the sea
*In front of the restaurant of the resort
*You may stay here if you want, really a nice view
Not like last time, visitors are restrict to go in if you are not going to stay in but now you can. You are encourage to bring your family or friends to enjoy the view as long as you keep in clean. To keep this policy continue, please respect resort's rule so that we can continually to enjoy the natural sea anytime as we want even though we don't have enough money to stay in. If not, our Minister will say that we spend too much on nonsense expenses again. Sigh...

On the way back to Kuching Town, we stop by Pasir Pandak Beach which are just few minutes drive from Damai Beach. Another nice beach to visit. People bring family to have picnic here, dating, swimming and etc. There are some snacks stall selling here and burger stall too! You can grab some snacks or burger if you are hungry after a swim. The only inconvenience thing that I consider is there is no changing room so it might be a problem after swim. I suggest you drive a truck here and bring a tank a water to wash your body...ahaha. Just joking!
Well, I enjoy my holiday even it just a day. What a fruitful and enjoyable day that I had. Get away from town might boost up your energy though. Why don't you try for the coming holiday?


Frances said...

You're making me miss my days in Kuching so much. Santubong beach, wow, it looks different of course after so many years. =)
I haven't been to a beach for a LONG time, I guess, more than 7 years?
I miss the feeling of looking far into the sea, and like you said, you tend to forget all your unhappiness and sorrows and worries..
I miss you!

ting said...

Time flies my dear...that's how we grow