Monday, September 29, 2008

Kampua vs Kolo

乾槃面 vs 乾撈面

Local from Sarawak will not miss this cheap, simple, plain, tasty & flavourful noodle! But what's the different? Can we tell the Kolo Mee stall Tauke that we want a plate of Kampua Mee or a bowl of Kolo Mee from a Kampua Mee Tauke?

I questioned myself silently deep in my heart every time when I order Kampua Mee or KoloMee, "why people call it in different way?" So I decided to come out with a test between Kampua and Kolo Mee. I take a closer look and taste it genuinely on the Kolo Mee on last Saturday night and Kampua Mee on the next Sunday morning to avoid the mixture taste after all.

Like usual, I ordered a bowl of Kolo Kueh Teow (It's depends on your favoured noodles that you preferred personally and the ingredients can goes well with all type of noodles though).
Kolo Mee is more watery and normally it come out with bowl. So we call it as a bowl of Kolo Mee instead of a plate of Kolo Mee due to its wet level. It doesn't taste good if it is too dry too or too watery. It can goes well with several types of noodles like handmade or machine made kolo mee, with round or flat or curly type, also kueh teow, and bee hoon, that's are normal use noodles by the kolo mee hawkers. Add with 'CharSaw' sauce if you prefer to but certain people will just go without it because it might taste too oily. The topping can ask for CharSaw meat or minced meat or seafood, just order for what you prefer and the price will be add on for the extra request. There are so much different way to order it, make sure you are with a local while you order or else it might dissapoint you ON SPOT!
*the flat type of kolo mee
with charsaw meat and minced meat on top

and CharSaw Sauce
*handmade wantan kolo mee
with CharSaw Sauce
p.s: wantan come with minced pork meat wrap by wrapper of flour
*kolo mee without CharSaw Sauce
*kolo mee with CharSaw Sauce

Kampua Mee is a very special Foochow Delicacy, Foochow origin before transforming into other Sarawak Kolo Mee flavouring by Hakka or Teochew. It's unlike Kolo Mee, with or without CharSaw Sauce, its with or without soya sauce and its more simple. No seafood topping or other fancy decoration. It's only with CharSaw slices pork meat or wantan only. It is more dry than kolo mee and it taste better if it's dry.
*Plain Kampua Mee
*Kampua Mee with Soya Sauce
My favourite:
wantan kampua mee without spring onion

Obviously, it taste different, with the unique wet or dry level too. But kolo and kampua are having the similarity that they are NON-HALAL which mean not serve to Muslim because most of the ingredients are made from pork.

I am not keen to have both type of kampua or kolo mee, it depends on my preferred stall but I will always go for wantan, minced meat with charsaw sauce for kolo mee and spicy, soya sauce, wantan for kampua mee but please please please...NO ONION! I hate those hawkers who always act smart! Long name for the order huh? That's why I advice you order with a local...:-)

A bowl of Kolo Mee or a plate of Kampua Mee anyone?


Princess Comfy Room said...

Haiyo...really pandai makan, if for me kolo mee, kampua...semua pun sama, is mee.

Anonymous said...

WellDone Arwen!

Now I can finally show to my friends the difference between kolo mee n kampua LOL :)


patty king said...

I guess Kampua Mee carries lower calories and fat if compared to Kolo Mee. Kampua use simple boiled lean pork so pure. Meanwhile Char Sio? Think!

Anonymous said...

Strange that as Sarawakian you have trouble differetiating the two. I am not Sarawakian and this is what I think. Kolo mee is just a bad tasting wanton mee. Kampua mee on the other hand is unique. Sarawakians should be proud of Kampua mee. As a non Sarawakian, I would eat Sarawak Laksa and Kampua Mee anytime because they are unique and taste good. Kolo mee is like an insult to wanton mee made by people who has never tasted proper wanton mee.


kampua made by FooChow Sarawakian
kolo made by Hakka Sarawakian

William Liew said...

Dude you serious? All Wantan Mee tasted shitty like plastic.

Unknown said...

Anonymous, every noodles have their unique taste. I suggest you mind your language. We Sarawakian loves our noodles like anyone else.