Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Muslim’s Fasting Month

Our Muslim friends in Malaysia start their fasting month again which starts on 1st September 2008 this year. Ramadan month is for all Muslims to fulfill the third Rukun Islam, which is fasting. Action will be taken against Muslims regardless of nationality found not fasting in public. Those caught eating in public or open places during the fasting month would be fined around RM1,000 or jailed six months or both.

There are several Ramadan Bazaars available around Kuching. As my knowledgeable place, one of them are setup at Stutong Wet Market, there is another one at 7 miles market bazaar, and the famous one every year are set at Satok near Sunday Market area where I went on the first day of Ramadan month.

Like usual, we like to try out different varieties of foods that prepared from each stalls. So we buy each for a single type and share with friends or family members. This time, we tried more on Cakes.

*different types of cakes*Roti John*Empty dish ware

I didn't manage to take other foods that we bought because we are just too hungry. to grab the foods. Other foods were includes few types of curry chicken (kurma & dark sauce), roti canai, egg cook with red sauce 'telur masak merah', drinks (cooconut & sugar cane), what else? Can't really remember.

Malaysia, a multi races country are just too fun to live in because of different cultures, foods and view of points to explore. After Muslim friends celebrate Raya, another worldwide celebration event will be coming soon except some chinese festival like Mooncake festival are in the middle , guess what...CHRISTMAS!!! Santa Claus will be coming soon!

So......Where's my present?

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