Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Carl's Jr. Hamburger

I just know that Carl's Jr.(R) has enter the Malaysia market in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! Yeppee!!! My cousin came back from KL on last Sunday night and she brought me two big hamburger from Carl's Jr. and I was so surprise to see it in Malaysia. It's not in Sarawak yet though...She told me that she bought me two big 'pao' from KL and I was like...duh...we have big 'pao' too in Kuching Sarawak too but then when she hang over to me, I jump high!
and I found this!
Carls Jr is like Hardees. Thick juicy charboiled angus steak burger. really delicious beats Burger King and McD for the price you pay value meal (same as McD/BK) just get hardees/carl jr. or better yet just get your own meat and grill, same flavor test because of the charcoal. The experince for having it can't possibly compare Carls Jr to McD or BurgerKing. It's a totally different experience all together, but if you compare in the sense of quality, of course Carls Jr would be top. Eating Carls Jr is really something which is worth your money.
This amazing American burger were made with fresh, quality ingredients I must say, they are delicious! The meat was lean and juicy, not overcook and tough. Love it very much! My cousin told me that the price are damn expensive...it cost about RM20 each. But it’s really worth it cause the burgers are so juicy and so rich in flavour. My cousin bought me two burgers but I don't know the flavour but one of it called mushroom beef if I am correct.
*Mushroom Beef
*Look at it...oh my! The tender and juicy...
*See! I don't lie!
The burgers are huge! Bigger than the whopper at Burger King. They are not stingy with the stuffings. We’ll give it a year and see if it will shrink like Burger Kings?
*Correct me if I am wrong
this is Western Bacon Beef Burger
The Western Bacon Cheeseburger - This came with a piece of chicken bacon, onion ring, meat patty, melted cheese and lots of barbecue sauce for flavour. This was not bad and quite tasty with the sweetish and smoky barbecue sauce although there's not much taste to the chicken bacon.
*Look at the stuffing...
I love Carls' Junior... Charboiled Burger ROCKS!!! It's nice and Juicy, not dry and tasteless like our McDs these days...
I have a sweet dream last night! Cheers and thanks to my cousin for the Carl's Jr (fourth largest burger chain in US) that she bought from KL and brought it all the way to Kuching. I microwave it before I have it due to long journey and overnight.

When will Carl's Jr. enter to Sarawak?

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