Friday, September 12, 2008

Mooncake Festival

Today (13th September 2008) not a public holiday and it suppose to be a day of public holiday in sarawak. It will be changed to 25th October in the honour of birthday of the Yang Dipertua Negeri Tun Datuk Patinggi Abang Muhammad Salahuddin Abang Barieng. It’s postponed because of the fasting month for the Muslim. Can shift birthday date some more...*speechless. Whoever had planned early for their schedule, you got no other choice and you just have to go ahead with it. Saturday morning...just report duty as usual Saturday.

Went to Carpenters Street last Thursday night for annual mid-Autumn festival. Kuching Carpenters street, is the place for annual mid-Autumn festival celebration, with the setting up of many stalls, selling food and decorative items for the occasion. This year's are just like any other year, the street are installed with entertainment, foods and fun stall, for selling foods and varieties mooncakes but the celebration period just a bit short. Thought of the weather should be good on that night after few nights welcomed by the rain earlier on, but still the rain pouring down at the end were adding to the spirit of festive mood. Due to the wet weather during this season, getting less people join the joyous for celebrating this mid-autumn festival. Public might get worry with their family's health condition especially with this wet season. Anyway, hope the weather will turn good tonight and hopefully more people can get chance to enjoy this meaningful festival.
*Carpenter Street*
*The Street**The Temple*
*The famous foods area along the street,
operate throughout the year*
*CheongSam wear*
*Talent girl with the 'GuZhen'*
*Traditional Music*
*Fried bird anyone?*
*Tai Chi*
*RM 1 Hair Cut by Monica Saloon*
*Lion Dance*
*Varieties of MoonCake selection*
*Emperor Dragon Whisker Sweet*
*Small Bun (Stem)*
*Small Bun (Fry)*
*Non-Halal food stall*
It just so much to explore as you see here. Due to raining, that's all the photo that had taken on the night. By the way, please do drop by before the Moon Cake Festival which is fall on Sunday (14th September 2008).


MiuMiu said...

Wow.. Mooncake festival got so happening in KCH one kah?
The colorful mooncake looks interesting!
I heard there is Durian flavour Mooncake in Spore..
Wish can try it nextime ^___^
Happy Moocake Festival Arwen~

ting said...

miumiu:not only Durian flavour, this year got dragon fruit flavour. happy mooncake festival to u too...

ces ces said...

yeah, so happening!
It's so quiet in here, and I got some mooncakes that day when I went to OKC.
And my cousin MSN me and told me the whole family went out for a reunion dinner... =(
I think I'm going home for vacation next year, some time around June-August.
Cannot tahan already.

ting said...

ces ces:I understand you coz anyhow we cannot forget our own culture even its in foreign country.Let me know if you are back...