Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Alert when you drive

Saw this yesterday along the Kuching-Serian Road. No person injured but such a huge cost to make over this car too. Drive carefully and be alert always when you are on the road.

Berhati-hati di Jalan Raya

Dinner on First Day on CNY

Just want to share with you what I had on first day of CNY dinner. Nothing special but great foods. Mom was a very humble chef at home, she only do this at home. So do you envy me of I am lucky enough? Come join me on the table...
Yes...this called varieties
Mixed vege
Steamed Fish
Fried Chicken with Lemon juiceSea CucumberLast but not least...
another kind of varieties but more to dessert style
How did I make your saliva fall? You judge yourself. Gong Hi Gong Hi!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Breakfast on First Day of CNY

As a Foochow for a typical tradition, a must to have breakfast with family on the first day on CNY morning and the foods that required to prepared are:
Eggs (each person must have at least one egg)
Longevity Noodles with Chicken Soup
And of course sticky cake to sticker the relationship among the family
My dad made another Sticky Cake but a bit failure this time due to too much Cocoa powder if compare with the first back and white version on the day before, but still taste good. Don't worry dad, you doing a good job! By the way, the sticky cake only can long for one day cause it had been eaten by few big eaters at home! Hahaha!

Chinese New Year Eve Reunion Dinner

Normally we will have our reunion dinner at home, but this year is different. We had our Chinese New Year Eve Dinner at the new built hotel at Kuching, Four Points Hotel along Airport Road.
The deco outside the ballroom
The Rainforest Ballroom
Table deco
Chair deco
First Dish of course - YuSang
Second dish - Shark fin soup
and the following dishes:
Roasted Duck
Steamed Fish for 'Nian Nian Yiu Yu'
Fried Rice if you still hungry
The dessert:
Yum+Sticky Cake
and the last but not least
Red bean to sweeten your mouth
There were Music performance in the ballroom
Lion Dance
Gong Xi Fatt Cai
Firecracker Show before ending

Home Made 'Nian Gao'

During the Spring Festival period or Chinese New Year, the northerners China people prefer to eat Jiao Zi, but southerners’ people like to eat NianGao, Nian Gao literally mean Year Cake or Chinese new year's cake is made of glutinous rice. Traditionally Nian Guao is the main Chinese New Year cuisine; it is considered good luck to eat Nian Gao during this time. In Chinese, Gao is a homonym for high. Nian Gao is also called Nian Nian Gao, which is a homonym for "higher each year", symbolizing progress and promotion at work and in daily life and improvement in life year by year.

They are verities of production method to made Nian Gao, however the main ingredient will be the glutinous rice pounded or ground into a paste then mix up with other ingredients and molded into shape then cooked again to settle mixture. Nian Gao also categorized into a few type, such as Shanghai Nian Gao and Cantonese Nian Gao.

The Kitchen God is fed with a sticky New Year cake to ensure that if Kitchen God speaks ill of the family in Heaven, the gluey cake would stick his mouth. This tradition seems to be quite an implicit pact between the Kitchen God and his devotees. According to various accounts this cake was given either as bribe, or simply a means of ensuring the Kitchen God's mouth was too full of cake to submit an unfavorable report in the Heaven.

Having the sticky cake believed to closer the relationship between the family members especially during Chinese New Year celebration. Apparently, my family doesn't like sweet foods, so decide to make own Nian Gao.
Home made 'Nian Gao' or sticky cake by my dad
Two layers with plain at the bottom and Milo powder mix on top. It was excellent! People believed that the more sticky the NianGao is, the more closer relationship between you and your family members.

But remember don't make it too over sticky, if not you will be having problem chewing "nian gao". Happy Chinese New Year!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Counting for the 'NIU'!

Hey hey hey!!! Few more minutes to go to welcome 'NIU' year!
Let's countdown for the "NIU"!


Happy 'NIU' Year!

Friday, January 23, 2009



Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Chai at Spring Mall

The Spring Mall, Kuching is the place that will never miss to see the decoration for the Chinese New Year celebration. Like Christmas, I personally think that they really put a lot of effort on it and so do Chinese New Year. I went there last night, even though not many people do shopping there but at least the Chinese New Year feel is there.
The deco
Even Sugar Bun!
Sigh...few more days to go, but just feeling kinda bored this year. Maybe too rush after New Year. Well...Gong Xi Fa Chai!