Saturday, January 3, 2009

Beginning of A New Chapter

Year of 2008 had just passed by and there comes the New Year of 2009. It's been three days since New Year, still...there are some passed year work keep going on just to get it complete. And the new tasks and challenges are still waiting in front for you to over come it.

Reading through newspaper on the new day of the year, several horrible news strike in my heart. Will this world will keep us safe? peaceful? or no more? Rumors of retrench staffs are everywhere, all over the newspaper pages found few vacancies available only. Life still goes on but burdens and stress adding on more. How long can this stand for? More and more violence issue will be coming up in the future, to be believe or not, it is related to all the daily issues we see, read, and heard.

How to make things better then? Especially seeing those unaffordable family, how will yo help? Are you able? Not saying others, self issues had already buried the exhausted body to be creative. Work keep us busy, hope that it will numb us from thinking too much way of negative thoughts.

Ox year have to work like slave...that is what youngster said, but for Feng Shui Master, Ox year will bring luck to us. Believe it or not, it depends to your own.

What I know is...I still have to wake up early in the morning, get prepare to work like horse (why not cow? I prefer horse cause horse is faster...hee ha!) in the office. Get same salary every end of the pay, pay this and that...then save from beginning again to pay and do the same things for the coming month. Folks...hold still! Get your butt out and keep working! Hope that good luck will come this year and more luck in the future around you and me. Good Luck Folks!


gammerth said...

The photo bottom one very funny :O)
Thanks for sharing :O)

Anonymous said...

They say it will be a better year and we certainly hope so!!!