Monday, January 26, 2009

Breakfast on First Day of CNY

As a Foochow for a typical tradition, a must to have breakfast with family on the first day on CNY morning and the foods that required to prepared are:
Eggs (each person must have at least one egg)
Longevity Noodles with Chicken Soup
And of course sticky cake to sticker the relationship among the family
My dad made another Sticky Cake but a bit failure this time due to too much Cocoa powder if compare with the first back and white version on the day before, but still taste good. Don't worry dad, you doing a good job! By the way, the sticky cake only can long for one day cause it had been eaten by few big eaters at home! Hahaha!


myfertilitydiary said...

wah, u breafast full of meaning 1.haha


suituapui said...

Oops..forgot to post my longevity mee sua! Must remember to do that in my next post! LOL!!!

Kenny Ngu said...