Saturday, January 10, 2009


I was digging my photo collection from CD to CD which I took it back in college old time in States. I changed physically and mentally for sure when I compare the photos that I took last time with current had. Gosh! It just few years time and time really flies fast. I really take some times just now to think what I had achieved in this few years and I had not achieve anything yet since I back from States and the most happy thing that I proud of myself is I still keep in touch with my college friends.

I am so glad to meet them in my life...
My host pa & ma
I still remember that we been invited to their house every events that they celebrate especially Easter day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and etc just to get together for the celebration and warm feeling of a family that they give really appreciate.
My lecturer, sunday school teacher,
god daddy, a friend - Mr. Hashman
A man that really inspires me a lot. His teaching skill is the best that I can describe. A good sample for a daddy, a friend like never say goodbye...
The wife...Mrs. Hashman
The wife of my lecturer. A good pianist, a good mother, a good housewife, a good woman to learn with and a good cook.
I still miss her stromboli
with Hashman family
the person who always help me through
the other that always help me through (tall guy)
Jeremy's grandparents
They always host us for the my grandparents. I miss Grandpa's friend turkey! And Grandma's foods!

And bunch of friends...
Yeah...I remember you all. I still remember how happy time. Miss you all!


Kenny Ngu said...

very touching post :O) Thanks for sharing :O)

Frances said...

you know what
I also have the first pic you took with your host ma and pa
believe me or not
that day I was browsing old photos too
and I think I have some other old ones you sent me that you don't even have now.. wahahhahahah
want or not
I charge one