Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Should or shouldn't

I'm frustrated. I'm frustrated about my life for living, career, with people surround, noise, problems... How do I get rid of 'em? Should I just throw 'em away one go or start to worry one by one then solve it one by one? Or I should do it whole lump sum...lost memory?

Now you see why I'm frustrated.
I wish I can be more smart to plan, more energetic than now, more cheerful than now. But when I'm really got time to think about it, I can't think of any thing. No, actually, I planned and thought about lots of things, but the outcome solution just can't be a good idea for me still, I keep telling myself that there's still a better way to handle it. I felt that I am wasting my time sometimes, on thinking, working, playing... I got more frustrate after thinking all about this.

I wish my brain can think well, something simple, really simple. I know simple is good, but I mean, r e a l l y simple. I can't manage my life well, use the time well, improve my financial problem. I wish I can live happily like what really mean by happy, freedom!

I'm too easy to be affected by small tiny little things, perhaps.

My massage treatment sifu told me to do some exercise. I guess he's right. I had tied up all my nerve in my body, my system go down hill, and obviously my brain won't work well.

I'm frustrated and anxious, I need something need something like exercise.

Can I scream out loud?
Where is my freedom?!!! Where is my capability?!!! Why I should do that?!!! Why I can't do this?!!! Who are you?!!! WHERE AM I?!!!

Why don't you tell me something I don't know. Anything.

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suituapui said...

Young people! Go out and have fun, make things happen, live your life to the that when you're old like me, you can look back contented, happy that life has been good to you!