Thursday, April 16, 2009


The famous Chinese Burger (Kompia) with cheese where local who live in Kuching are talking about can be found at Song Kheng Hai Hawker Center, Kuching. I had been reading from blogs and hearing lots of people talking about this Kompia so long ago, finally tried it on last Saturday while I was in the mood. I never been there and surprisingly found that there's a lot of people were having afternoon snacks there. First time been there were a bit blur for looking up the particular stall which can serve us the Chinese Burger / Kompia with cheese, we go all round the building, searching high and low and finally we found RIHGA!!! It's at the back side of the building, the stall is facing the ruby field.
Sorry for my lousy photo, I am not so comfortable taking pictures in the public, not to say bringing camera along, so I took the pictures secretly using my hp only. Bloggers in the air! I salute you for daring taking pictures publicly!

Finally here comes the kompia / Chinese burger with cheese. It's RM0.70 per piece, and it still hot!The taste was good. Good mixture taste of it which are the salty taste of cheese plus the crispy tasteless hot kompia. Yummy! But the Kompia itself a bit disappointed, unlike the Sibu or Bintangor Kompia, which is more "stuffy". The Kompia that they were using are more "slim" and can't feel the softness of the inner kompia.Overall, it taste nice, rating 6/10.

Am wonder how does it taste if using American yellow cheese rather than the cheese that they use. Hmmmp...where to get the American yellow cheese in Kuching? Anyone any clue?


Kenny Ngu said...

errr...last time always came here....

Anonymous said...

eh, i'd love to try kompia-cheese-burger :P BTW are your pics taken by Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T300B? the quality seems very bad. Perhaps you should try to use, anti-shake and Macro performance. Looking at the pictures, the images behind are more focused then your initial pictures you wanted to take. Just a tip anywah. hehe~ Have a good day!

ting said...

To jg,

I think the make of kompia with cheese is easy, just cheese inside the kompia and microwave / bake it for a while.

Hey, thanks for the valuable photo taking tips. I got a problem while I am holding camera, my hand shake...anyway, will learn and improve more next time. Please suggest and keep giving me tips for my improvement :-)

uncleawang said...

Interesting eh!!!!whenever I visit Sibu.I will never forget to bring back this stuff to Kuching.
# Pulut Panggang
# KoPia malay call it kueh pak.
# Bahulu & Chakkoi.
I miss Sibu in term of Makan.

ting said...

To Uncle Awang,

Yeah...sibu is famous with all the foochow foody. You should drop by Bintangor next time, try the local rojak, local orange juice, fried kampua...etc.

Sibu Bulut Panggan can never been compare with the one in Kuching! Maybe we should shift the whole Sibu to Kuching hor...ahahah.

suituapui said...

I heard you put a slice of ham and cheese in the kompia and put in toaster oven - tastes like heaven!

ting said...

To suituapui,

but the kompia too small la~ ahahaha!