Monday, February 23, 2009

Dinner for her birthday...22-02

Last Sunday was Mel's birthday so we decided to go for different type of food to celebrate her birthday instead of western food in town. We headed down to a new food point at one of a new shop lot located at Batu Kawah which across the bridge. Just nice to reached there before 6 pm and it was packed with people. The business was good though. My the other friends from Batu Kawah had actually reached early around 5 pm to ordered foods and reserved a table for us, lucky us! We brought our own prawn, fish and Iguana meat (daging biawak) over before around noon to ease them serve us on the right time.

There you go...Peng Yu Cafe located along the Batu Kawah road to Matang. According to my friends who lives at Batu Kawah that the name of the cafe is actually the origin name of the owner. How nice it sound like huh.
The shop...
The famous dish from the shop...
Shrimp Source Fried Chicken
Never ever forget the green dish
Mix Vege
The famous Batu Kawah Meat Ball
in Soup
Ikg++ weighted white pomfret
Butter Prawn (Wet Version)
Birthday Noodles
(A must on birthday)
Iguana Meat (Biawak)
And the last but not least...
The Marble Cheese Cake
from Secret Recipe
The Birthday Girl ~ Mel
I hope that next year can give you better surprise yeah~
Rich Mable Cheese Cake...Yum!
Overall, the foods tasted good, but a bit wet for the butter prawn only, taste good actually. The total damage...not more than RM100!

Go try it!


Anonymous said...

oooo.. Lovely Mel Birthday~

Happy Birthday Mel~~~

wa.. ordered all of my fav food!!!
Especially the Prawn n the fish!

alamak air liur all over my keyboard liaw~

miumiu (Fang)

suituapui said...

Wah! So cheap!! come the food looks like Foochow fare? Chef from Sibu kah? Hehehehehehe!!!

ting said...

suituapui: it's owned by a hakka. He is one of my friend's friend so...VIP price. The shop really packed of ppl everyday!!!