Monday, February 2, 2009

The luxury place

Again here today to introduce this almost done and most hi-tech hotel that just built in town, also called as 'fish tank' by other locals. Well, it's all glassed up and it looks classy. Not talking much but showing you more pictures to enjoy. The Four Points by Sheraton Hotel Kuching, it is in the heart of the BDC, adjacent to the Gyratory roundabout, just 2 kilometres north of Kuching International Airport and 5 kilometres south of the city centre.
Front entrance of the hotel
The entrance
Dining area
Pool side
Dining area beside pool side
One of the corner
Hotel front view
Hotel back view
There are 3 restaurants including The Eatery, Panash, Lobby Lounge and a Cafe/Deli. The dining area (The Eatery...if not mistaken) is actually open for public and the foods are excellence! As the photos show, the design of the building is just so amazing especially the interior. For those traveler, the hotel actually provide flight schedule information which is connected to the airport system to help avoid time waste of waiting flight and even the flight delay.

Check it out to find out more on the web site or experience yourself in there. The reservations is accepting now for arrival on or after March 15, 2009.


Kenny Ngu said...

very luxury. wish can stay one night day. wakakakaekeke... nolar. dreaming only.

ting said...

Kenny Ngu:Can! Spend some money there lor...LOL

Kenny Ngu said...

got free voucher or not stay one night there? kekekekekeke

suituapui said...

You never mentioned proom rates. Any promotion - usually new hotels got...very cheap. Special for old pensioners??? Damai got...also cheaper for governmemt servants

Kenny Ngu said...

yesterday i read newspaper. got buffet. mmmhhhh, may go to try someday.