Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tomato Fish Soup

Craving for the Tomato Fish Soup @ Top 10, Jalan Song on Sunday morning and there we went.
Tomato Fish Soup with Tan Hoon
Tomato Fish Soup with Kolo Mee
The specialty of the soup:-
  1. Bring your appettie (because the tomato and sour plum contain in the soup)
  2. It's all fish!!! So it's healthy
  3. The chili sauce is special
  4. The fish ball and fish cake are so springy!!!
  5. The fish skin
You got to try!!! RM5.50 per bowl for the smallest size but it's enough and worth!

Nice kolo mee stall as well.


Kenny Ngu said...

Tomato Fish Soup with Tan Hoon... look best.

Frances said...

kolo mee!!!!!

Maple & Murphy de 媽 said...

want to eat so much~~ why sibu dont have???

ting said...

only available in kuching so far. let me know when u at kuching next time and I bring you there...