Saturday, October 4, 2008

Gloria's Surprise Birthday Party

A surprise birthday party was organized by the sister, Olivia for her lovely sister Gloria last night at Olivia's place. Gloria is leaving to KL the next morning so the last minute small surprise birthday was arranged before she left. Her birthday was actually on the following week though.
So we decided to 'dabao' (take away order) the foods.
*Kompia from EXPERT @ RH area*BBQ Chicken wings from Jalan Song
*Fried Noodles
*Sweet and Sour Fish
*Pork Rib
*and the eggs for a must
*the scene on the table
and of course the longevity noodle ('so mian')
*the birthday cake from Tom's Cafe
Napoleon Cake flavour
*the birthday girl and the PR (Public Relation) little girl
*the group photo
I hope you enjoy the party and Happy Birthday Gloria.


suituapui said...

Belated birthday greetings to Gloria! I knew when I saw the 1st pic that you got the cake from Tom's. My cousing had a similar one on her birthday!...You must be Foochow...judging from the food that you all had!!! Mmmmm....Gloria Ting, one time Miss Malaysia kah?

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! It is soo authentic foochow food lor... I reminds me of my CNY tuan Yuan Fan!

Arwen.. Am I going to see u in KCH?
I will be there in another week oh!
:) Miss ya~


Anonymous said...

Re. 9th and 10th pic, Chinese superstition...don't stick your chopsticks into ur food like that! Whenever my father sees that, he will scold!!! LOL!!!

ting said...

suituapui: Yeah, she is Miss Malaysia for 2004. Well...foochow yeap. I am from Bintangor actually, move to Kuching for few years.

ting said...

miumiu: you coming back? give me a call! Definitely will spend my time for you! CAll me!

ting said...

suituapui: Oh yeah...I heard about the chopstick thing but older adult during my picture taking session. Now we know that, youngster nowadays don't care too much with the tradition thingy...:-)

Wenni Donna said...

I must say that Gloria's Surprise Birthday Party was epic. Truly the scene on the table is so appetizing. HAHA. I am fond of eating such party foods. I am not able to wait now for out parent’s upcoming wedding anniversary that would be hosted at one of the local Chicago venues by us all siblings.