Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Her creactivity ......

I just found out her creativity with handcraft talent. Simple but creative! She is a friend of mine, spending most of her time with all the handmade greeting cards, bookmarks, and other decoration too. Putting her efforts to make people feel warm and happy on the special occasions that they celebrate.
*Handmade Greeting Cards*
*Handmade Bookmarks*
*Handmade Wooden Peg*
*Decoration on other material ~ Cup*
If you are interested, please contact her for a special order handmade for your special one. The cost is reasonable base on materials that using. Of course, you can input your ideas by letting her know your needs and purpose for the order.

Get a special handmade for your special one on the coming occasions like Christmas , Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, Birthday...

Email contact: dingyien@yahoo.com


ces ces said...

wow, amazing..
I love the bookmarks =)

ting said...

yeah...She draw every single line