Sunday, November 9, 2008


A simple birthday celebration with my close friends and sibling last night at a coffee shop near 7 miles. Normally we will go for western food for this kind of celebration, but I make my mind, why not go for local Chinese dishes. We ordered longevity noodles which is a must for birthday, 'bidin' fried with garlic and foochow red wine, sweet and sour pork, butter prawn and home make taufu. Too bad I didn't take any photos of the foods because we were just too hungry to dig the foods. Anyway, managed to take some photo after the meal and the birthday cake.
*the cake*
*my brother get jealous when I make too many good wishes*
*joker face*
*to happy to blow the candle*
*yeah!!! I'm getting old!*
We have a good dinner and good laugh last night. Actually had celebrated with my family couple days ago already and guess what? Mom prepared all my favorite dishes and had wonderful dinner time with friends last night, three birthday cakes this year. I must admit that I am getting old!

Viola...another birthday had just passed, sigh............

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ces said...

Happy belated birthday... =)