Friday, November 28, 2008

TGI Friday

Thank God it's Friday again. Had been gone through lots of difficulties and worries for the past two weeks. Well, I must said it's my 'low moment' but luckily it's Friday today so I can be more relax! I believe that it's gonna be fine soon and things will go smooth for me. Bad luck will not stick with one forever neither nor good luck though. So I am well prepare with this high and low...but just something happen too sudden and too limit time to find the solution. Patient is the best medicine indeed. People always told to be relax and throw the worries but how do you make it through while you are carrying all those worries, burdens and etc? In fact, you know early there is a way out without suffering.

This passed weeks was horrible for me, the pressures that happened was actually disturbing and add on to my stress, my nerve system can barely carry it on day by day. Things and humans surround are actually the main cause of those unnecessary incidents.

Lies! I hate lies...I hate those people lie especially in front of me. I can see the devil is working inside the speakers mind, the eyes rolls to find excuses. Pulling the straight mind and bend it into a S curve or even more worst. Again and again the lies flying out from the mouth, the excuses that used, therefore hates occurred in my mind. Starting blaming myself to be such foolish, listen to the horror lies again and again which actually pollute my mind harmfully. My mind gone wild!

Oh Friday! Friday ! Friday! Start thinking of what should do during weekend.

Sharing a picture for the day just for a laugh.
Friday Party!
Too freak to be enjoy!

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