Friday, August 8, 2008

Chief Mike new dinner set

This time, Chef Mike going to take another challenge from people in the house. He never cook chicken feet before and it's time for him to take this honorable challenge. He prepared his ingredients since morning, he needs to go to wet market and get the chicken feet and the gizzard for his soy sauce with chicken feet and gizzard. And there you go for the dinner set of the night.

Three main dishes. From top to bottom: Potato leaves fried with garlic, soy sauce chicken feet and gizzard, okra or lady finger.
Soy sauce chicken feet and chicken gizzard, eggs and mushroom
Comment: Too watery, it should go with sticky sauce but the taste was good and the chicken feet and gizzard are soft enough to bite and chew.
Potato leaves (different with the tall potato leave that you normally see, it look short and will not having potato underneath the soil)
Comment: Taste a little bit like uncook, maybe because of the wok too small with such portion.
Last but not least, okra or lady finger, my favorite.
Comment: A little bit sticky, because it can't be wet.
Overall, I give Chef Mike 80% for the taste of the foods. What will you cook for tonight Chef Mike?


Frances said...

I miss Malaysian local food..

ting said...

Frances: That was home cook my dear. I think you can do it too.