Saturday, August 2, 2008

Good catch from PC Fair!

Oh yeah...I got it finally!!! A Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T300 with good deal. The package itself cost RM1,350 come with a 4GB memory stick, a tripod, a memory card reader, a casing for the camera, a screen protection sheet, and the camera itself! Finally... i got you! From where? PC Fair loh!
Yes, I pick the black colour just because it's cool for me but the sad thing is...they are out of black casing, so I got to choose between white or red. No I go with white. Black and white...we think of??? Michael Jackson! Hahaha...'s touch screen camera. I haven't play with it that much but i had tried before. I like it though.
It come with three colors, silver, black and red. Silver not bad though but I personally prefer black. The sales boy told me that the lens cover won't be fragile...let's see. It's really a good deal though, I checked the price from The Spring few days ago and it still go with RM 1,699 and it doesn't come with tripos, memory card reader and screen protector sheet if I am not mistaken.

Thanks to our sales guy, Edmund for the kind cooperation. I think he doesn't know his photo has been taken at that time and he was packaging my camera.

Traffic jam everywhere in town due few events goes on last night, PC Fair, opening of Kuching Food Fair and parade I suppose.

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