Thursday, August 7, 2008

Home cook fish & chips

A well organised wonderful and delicious dinner was prepared by Chef Mike last night. It tasted really good and the combination of the varieties are well mix.

Home cook fish & chips
Main dish of the night: Fish filler, french fries, salad
Side dishes: Taufu Pok, Baby Corn with Shrimp, Potato Ball
This baby corn was plant by my mom and it goes well with shrimp
Dessert: "Gui Ni"
Chef Mike with his licking finger food
Another thumbs up
Mel concentrate with her food on plate. Maybe she scared that I will steal her food?
Overall, the dishes tasted good and I give Chef Mike 4 star out of 5 for the foods and presentation. Actually, it's his virgin dish, he presented his first fish & chips, baby corn with shrimp first time. Anyway, it's unexpected and speechless! Keep going Mike!

Tonight, he said he will surprised us with his new menu. Let's wait and see...

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