Sunday, May 17, 2009

First try of Oatmeal Butter Prawn

Have been craving for Oatmeal Butter Prawn for a while so decided to give self a try. With the guideline recipe the I got from internet, it had already ensure 50% to make it successfully. Actually it was not difficult as long as you got all the ingredients and I can't deny the curry leave actually give some very good aroma to make this dish more delicious together with oatmeal and butter. I made it!!! I made it!!! I made it!!! A little failure did happened wasn't that good looking because I am out of butter at home, I use as much I found in fridge.
The oatmeal butter prawn
Together with other dishes...
Sweet & sour fish
Fried cherry tomatoes with white eggs
A very common dish...long beansimply kampua mee
Another fattening meal...sigh!


sarawakiana said...

I snatched a bit of domesticated life time to read your lovely blog.
Nice photos.
Will continue to read what you write in the future. TQ.
I remain a multi-tasking mother balancing and walking on life's tight rope.

ting said...

Hi sarawakiana...thanks for the encouragement. Will stick with your post as well in the doing it everyday what...XOXOX. I like your style to express your story...thats y.