Sunday, May 3, 2009

Long lost taste

Went to Shalom Cafe last night just for a try since people talking about Bintangor Rojak is in Kuching! The cafe itself is located at GreenHeight area, near GreenHeight Mall. It only start operate at 5pm daily till midnight. My colleague was telling that the shop was no longer operated after few months since opened but I found it from one of the owner's relative that it still alive but only operate at night time. It's the only shop where you can taste Bintangor Rojak that you can find in Kuching because the owner is originate from Bintangor too, and the old owner still making their famous rojak in Bintangor Town currently. To taste if it's the same, so I went there for a try.
I ordered ...peanut soup @RM2.50 (peanut, bali, sago, and...served hot or chill but chill better).
Closer look... tidak berapa sama le (my sister said not really the same). The peanut a bit too hard, not much ingredients found inside the bowl compare to yummy peanut soup in Bintangor.
ABC Special @ RM2.50...Hui Sing one is better.
Spicy Taiwan Sausage @ RM2.50 (for me, local hot dog taste better).
Haha...Rojak! The 1 person serving cost RM3.00 so we ordered RM5.00 for 3. How? Of course Bintangor one is better lar but if you really miss Bintangor Rojak, no harm to eat la~ Bintangor Rojak is different than Kuching Rojak. I don't like Kuching Rojak because the sauce is a bit fishy for me. The belacan and shrimp paste are in there I knew.
Hmmp...I am wonder what's in the Bintangor Rojak Sauce, I mean the ingredients...anyone?

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