Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another good place for KoloMee in Kuching.

Good foods can be found everywhere, expensive or cheap are all around. Was happened to try out another good KoloMee around Green Road area for breakfast the other day. Apposite...
*the Chonglin Plaza Hotel & Suites along Green Road
those really old shops still exists to serve you, especially foods.
*Sim Lian Shin
Only Kolo Mee is selling in this small shop. Two stalls was actually open by a pair of husband and wife. The husband was in charge with only take away kolo mee at the from stall, and the wife was at the back, in charge with the order for in shop customer. Help by family members and the cashier was actually the founder, the father of the husband.
It looks simple but taste good, really good.
Ranking rate: 4/5
The shop quite small so a bit problem to grab a seat. Go early for breakfast, it open early morning.


gammerth said...

is sin lian shin...ahahahah :O)

Anonymous said...

Ya...the kampua there is nice! And also the chang and the nyonya kuihs they sell at the stalls outside that shop in the evenings around 3 onwards.

ting said...

suituapui: oh...that one is the other coffee shop which located at the same row also.