Monday, December 15, 2008

What to eat in Bintangor

Bintangor is a small town to live at, smaller than Sarikei, therefore living cost is quite cheap if compare with Kuching. Except buying goods for household, the local people spend most on foods, no fancy entertainment found and they sleep early. Being away from home since I move to Kuching, found that foods are so cheap if compare with any other places. Everytimes I comes back home, those dishes that I dying to see and taste are...
*Bintangor famous burger stall
*Local made soft drink
the factory just next to my house
*more cheap things and foods are found here
*one of the place to have cheap and tasty foods
*baked bun
with the filling of kaya and butter
*foochow style fried vermicelli
*foochow style fried Kuey Tiaw
*foochow style 'Char Zhu Mien"
*Kampua Mee
*Dark Soy Sauce Kampua Mee with Wanton
*Famous Kompia Shop
*Famous Rojak Stall
*even in local newspaper
*mom cooks soy sauce wild pork leg
*rambutans from own orchard
If you lose your way to Bintangor, ask people...telling them you wanna go "Pekan Limau" instead of naming if as Bintangor. Buy and eat whatever you want and you can. Make sure to slim down your belly before heading there. Don't worry, you won't get lose in the town because it's really a small town. Less than an hour drive from Sibu and 15 minutes drive from sarikei (if you using the new route) or less than one hour (old route) distance. Come and explore yourself...


MiuMiu said...

Very nice food in Bintangor!!! :)
When u going to show me the food there ar :P I exchange with u with the food in Sydney OK? Only have Fish n Chips :P

ting said...

MiuMiu: cher...mine one is more interesting...hoho!