Friday, December 12, 2008

Look Aound at Langkawi

Eagle Square is Langkawi's most prominent landmark for visitors arriving by sea. Situated near the Kuah jetty, the main attraction of the square is the magnificent statue of the reddish brown eagle majestically poised for flight. According to local folklore, Langkawi derived its name from- the eagle or "helang". In old Malay, "kawi" denotes reddish brown - hence, Langkawi means reddish brown eagle!
The square is beautifully landscaped and features scenic ponds, bridges, covered terraces, restaurants and barrel vaults made of bricks. Its close proximity to the sea and the soft breezes make it an ideal spot for leisurely walks and a tranquil setting for dining in the cool evenings.
Langkawi is the regional shopping hub for duty-free goods, offering both international and local products. Most of the island’s shopping opportunities are found in its central commercial area – the town of Kuah. Here, you will find many stores and malls dedicated to providing the lowest prices of tax-free goods.
*Big Lollipop
*Big size junkies
*varieties of alcohol
*Nice beach view outside the hotel room
*weird creature
There go my Langkawi trip and there are more to come about my next destination...Kuala Lumpur and Johot Bahru. Bare with me...

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