Friday, December 12, 2008

Johor Bahru Trip Review '08

The last station of the trip is Johor Bahru. Living in this up to 4-star hotel with cheap bargain...not bad huh? The parking level is going up too not down...the swimming pool is at level 11 if I still remember it clearly, we live at level 14.
*New York Hotel
*View from window
*shopping mall nearby
*eating place along the walk
*and finally we stop here
operate by a foochow lady

*Nasi Lemak
this is so good!

*Lemon Chicken Rice
*Roasted Chicken + Pork Rice
*JB Laksa
*the owner special pearl tea...expensive
*pearl milk tea
*Saw this somewhere at hawker stall
like yum kuih but it's not

Food isn't expensive
*Nasi Briyani (Thumbs-Up)

*Best Teh Tarik
*Best Roti Canai
especially the gravy...spicy!

*Let me introduce you...
Best Mee Mamak At JB

too sweet but looks good

Another place to eat
*Nasi Lemak
*Roti John
Perhaps not a roti lover

Nasi Lemak...
this is good too

especially the chicken
and the last but not least
Roti Canai
JB had nothing much interested thing going on except foods which more to Malay and Indian cuisine. I pretty much enjoy the Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai, Teh Tarik, Mee Mamak and other foods which is more spicy and tasty. What else can do except eat?

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