Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I've been to MV Doulos too

I see all the Kuching Bloggers blog about their experience with Doulos recently and I thought I could skip that and just experience it with the experience that sharedby them but I changed my mind when heard that it will be the last time in Kuching, So again...I go there with my camera to experience it by my own before I regret.
*the way to Doulos @ Pending
Here we come
*the cue
*as expericed by other bloggers...
*the art work
*Doulos show
*Inside the ship
*the price in RM (Ringgit Malaysia)
*View from the deck
I buy nothing from there, but the price quite cheap. Books, souvenirs, T-shirt...
All I got was sweat! Hot and humid!
But it's a great experience. Good Luck Doulos and all the best! Cheers!

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